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Who we are

LEAP is part of an established charity that has been transforming lives in disadvantaged communities for over 20 years. We are committed to improving outcomes, particularly for children, families and adults with a defined need.

Where we’re based

The LEAP Centre is based in the St Peter’s Ward of Ashton under Lyne and you will also see us out and about, working in communities across Tameside.

What we do

We work with children, families and communities through our inspiring projects which boost learning and confidence, address challenges, raise aspirations and improve long term outcomes -


Empowering children to be heard and ready to make a better start at school, through nurturing care, enabling early education and essential skill development.

  • Little Leaps Pre-school Nursery

  • Creche

  • Play & Early Learning Provision


Empowering parents to become best role models for their children, through child focussed choices, changes and aspirations.

  • Family Contact Services

  • DAISYchain/MEND Domestic Abuse Impact & Awareness for Parents

  • Parental Learning & Support


Empowering socially isolated adults and those with long term support needs to flourish, through new networks, inspiring opportunities and meaningful activities.

  • BLOOM Therapeutic Gardening Project

  • Greenscape Horticultural & Community Services

  • Volunteer Opportunities

How we make a difference, in the words of children and families we have worked with..


"Flourishing Friends is the first course I have ever been on and I feel much less anxious about doing more now to help my children to learn." (Parent)

"The LEaP Centre is brilliant, I played football with my dad again. I feel safe here." (Child age 10 coming to see dad)

"LEaP helped us to get to know each other again." (Non-resident dad using contact service to see his son)

"The centre and staff have provided lots of support and information to us. I cannot praise the staff enough, professional, knowledgeable and welcoming. I feel so much better about the future." (Resident parent bringing child for contact)


"Daisy Chain has helped me realise how much shouting and arguing can affect children emotionally. I won’t be letting it happen in front of her anymore." (DAISYchain Mum)

"I know how to spread my time more evenly between all my children now. I’ve noticed a BIG difference, in the way we all are with each other, it’s better." (Parental Support Mum)

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